S&F Hero: America in Eurasia. Part 1

Power and the credibility that arises from power are the currency in international relations. It’s a brutal truth perfectly illustrated by the history of the entire 20th century and the position gained by the United States over the past century and at the beginning of the present century...
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Putin in the Near and Middle East: assessments, outcomes and consequences

The first global geopolitical events 2020 were rapid and alarming. The consequences for the entire year are still unknown. Last week, the world was occupied with the Middle East - the events were happening so fast and unpredictable, that nobody knew what would come next and many expected the worst scenarios...
- 8 hours ago

The Syrian express and a Mediterranean smoking chimney: The Russian fleet in the Mediterranean

In August 2008, Russia invaded Georgia. In its wake, the US Navy demonstrated its overwhelming land-attack capabilities in the Black Sea. It was supported by other NATO countries by sending ships through the Bosporus, which in fact frightened Russian decision-makers...
- 4 days ago
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