From Medyka to Rotterdam and back

They say that travel broadens the mind. Today, in the era of cheap flights, open borders and ubiquitous Internet, this saying takes on a special meaning.

Jeśli jesteś już subskrybentem i posiadasz konto - zaloguj się

Jeśli chcesz mieć nieograniczony dostęp – Wybierz plan subskrypcji

Autor Marcin Kulaszka
Attorney-at-law, a University of Warsaw graduate, a keen observer of existing correlations and adjustments being applied in the global economy and societies. He specializes in business legal support, with particular emphasis on international entities, and a broadly defined law of contracts. Marcin was involved in numerous non-standard projects, including those of cross-border nature, requiring „outside the box” legal solutions. In Amsterdam he worked for one of the largest American corporations managing a global logistics real estate portfolio. Currently, working for a state-owned company established to develop one of infrastructural projects of strategic economic importance.
In Marcin’s view, the key for the growth of societies and wealth creation is care for quality of interpersonal communication, promotion of interdisciplinary knowledge and continuous development.
Data 14/11/2019
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