Geostrategic Competition and the “Belt and Road Initiative” in 2019: Containment in an Interconnected World

Almost from its inception in 2013, the People’s Republic of China claimed that the ‘Belt and Road Initiative’ (BRI) was entirely a development project. However, the organisation of political summits around BRI projects and endless repetition of the phrase in China’s most mundane diplomatic meetings has prevented the initiative from seeming anything but a strategic project. If BRI was not conceived as a strategic initiative, its perception has transformed it into one.

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Autor Nicholas Myers
Analyst of great power competition; Russian, US, and Chinese foreign policy; and the Russian and Belarusian militaries. He has been studying policy and statecraft for over 10 years, focusing especially on Russia. He has written a number of reports on the operational capabilities of the Russian military and overseen a wide variety of wargames of potential conflicts in the European Intermarium and Asia-Pacific regions. He is currently starting a PhD in Politics at the University of Glasgow, having just completed an MLitt in War Studies at the University of Glasgow and received his undergraduate degree from the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service in 2011.
Data 02/09/2019
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