New Generation Warfare and Civilian Leadership in the Process of Military Reforms. Part 3: The Serdyukov Reforms

The New Generation Warfare (NGW) revolution is not only exclusively about warfare but is about the comprehensive revolution inside the entire military realm and in the supplementary sectors. In history, we have witnessed at least several NGW revolutions and every revolution had its own historical, social, and technological specificities.


The Russian Armed Forces has witnessed a lot in its history, but they have never had a situation when the chief person in the Armed Forces was an accountant. In 2007 Anatoly Serdyukov came into this position not alone, but with the team of financiers and accountants which occupied the Ministry of Defence. This immediately created a huge conflict between the Minister and the General Staff. So far, this period was considered in Russian military circles as a period of humiliation and uncertainty.


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Author Ridvan Bari Urcosta
Senior Analyst at Strategy&Future
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