New subscription plans

Ladies and gentlemen,
On December 2, a year will have passed since, after the period of free use of the Strategy&Future website, we introduced access to materials based on a paid subscription in two variants – monthly subscription and annual subscription.

Strategy&Future is still developing and is constantly striving to improve our service. I hope that our work makes sense and that you enjoy it. Judging by the number of subscribers, this is the case – and we thank you for that.



Given the above, we would like to prepare you in advance for the change in the subscription prices in both our subscription variants. Starting December 2, 2020, access to the Strategy&Future website monthly will cost PLN 25 (full 30 days access to our entire website content, including materials to download and audio files), and the annual subscription will cost PLN 400 (full 12 months access to our entire website content, including downloads and audio files, and additionally access to a closed Facebook group, participation in Q&A and, depending on the epidemiological situation, other additional attractions).


HOWEVER – to acknowledge those of you who trusted us at the beginning of our journey and bought the annual subscription in the first year of Strategy & Future’s existence right away, we decided not to increase the subscription price for the next year for those annual subscribers, who decide to stay with us and will immediately extend the annual subscription plan for the next year after the end of the current subscription period.
The option to extend the annual subscription at the current price will be available from November 2, 2020.


Those of you who would like to join annual subscribers by the end of November 2020, we would like to assure, that the subscription price will not increase in the next year. We hope that we will persuade the undecided ones to join us in the first year of S&F activity and as a result, by December 1, 2020, S&F will have a large group of annual subscribers who want to subscribe for PLN 300 for each year, in fact for two consecutive years.


We hope that you are satisfied with our work and, as you can see especially in the Facebook group, you are growing with us. We believe that the community focused around Strategy&Future will grow in strength, which will translate into real actions on the topics discussed at S&F.


I am sure that you can see that we are trying to keep our word given at the beginning, and we are debating about the rapid changes taking place in the world by articulating the interests of the Republic of Poland loudly and publicly.



Jacek Bartosiak and Strategy&Future team

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