Russian Strategy towards the Turkish Straits. Part 2

The Montreux Convention deeply undermined the Soviets’ ambitions in the second half of the XX century, when the priorities had changed and the Soviet assets had to cope with the US Sixth Fleet.

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Author Ridvan Bari de Urcosta
PhD Candidate at the Centre for Strategic Studies, University of Warsaw. Ridvan provides insights to different analytical centers for example: ECFR, Jamestown Foundation, War Room (U.S. War College) The Proceedings (U.S. Naval Institute), Jerusalem Post and etc. Ridvan was born in Abkhazia, Georgia where he lived until the onset of the Civil War. In early 1990’s he moved to Crimea where he lived until it’s annexation at the hands of Russia. At the moment of annexation he worked in the Sevastopol State Administration. Right after annexation worked as Human Rights Officer in Odessa, Ukraine in the UN Human Rights Monitoring Mission. He finished Estonian Diplomatic Academy in 2015 and completed The Indigenous Fellowship Programme (IFP) is a comprehensive human rights training programme that was established by the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) in Geneva. Ridvan gives a speech at the Human Rights Council in 2018 about the situation in annexed by Russia Crimea.
Date 10 / 2019
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