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Geopolitical Drivers of China and Russia towards Taiwan and Crimea. Part 2

In March 1965, Mao reportedly told the member of a Palestinian delegation: “Imperialism is afraid of China and the Arabs. Israel and Formosa are bases of imperialism in Asia. You are the front gate of the great continent, and we are the rear. They created Israel for you, and Formosa for us"...
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Geopolitical Drivers of China and Russia towards Taiwan and Crimea. Part 1

Taiwan and Crimea have many interesting similarities both in terms of their geopolitical and geostrategic importance and in terms of historic and cultural narratives for China and Russia. It seems that the leaders of both countries are committed to the idea of “collecting lost lands”...
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War Vs Peace Missile Report #64. May 2021

War Vs Peace Missile Report #64. May 2021
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Turkish Media and the Turkish Expert Community’s reaction to the Polish-Turkish Drone Deal

Poland has joined the list of countries that are going to operate the Turkish Bayraktar UAVs. In the near future, Turkish drones are going to fly in the skies of Poland and the Baltic countries along with the other countries...

Adapt or Die. Obsolescence, Offset Strategies and the Pacific

“We’re a maritime nation – we’ve grown by the sea and live by it; if we lose command of it we starve” – this is what the English used to say. The Americans still say it today. So it is no coincidence that the US Navy is the pride of the American armed forces - nor is it a coincidence that aircraft carriers are the pride of the US Navy, a symbol of its power and the United States.
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The Last 21 Years: Year (2)017

In the last seven years of the Obama Presidency (2010-2016), the Dow Jones had risen from 11,500 to 19,500, an average of just over 1,000 points every year...
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War Vs Peace Unit Update Report #8

War Vs Peace Unit Update Report #8

War Vs Peace Missile Report #62

War Vs Peace Missile Report #62 March 2021

Warsaw, its communication, fortifications and cursed latitudinal trail. Part 1

For much of world history, cities have been fortified to defend themselves against attack. To this day, they are a difficult nut to crack for attacking troops, despite modern combat measures. It was no different with Warsaw...
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War Vs Peace Missile Report #61

War Vs Peace Missile Report #61
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The Last 21 Years: Year (2)015

2015 was the year of the European Migrant Crisis, when makeshift refugee camps in Greek Islands off the coast of Turkey began filling up with families (and young men) fleeing the ongoing Syrian Civil War...

A perfect storm over Taiwan

In February, at a panel organized by the National University of Singapore, former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd expressed his conviction that the next decade of Sino-American relations will be marked by "living on the edge." Rudd's idée fixe is that China and the United States develop "barriers", allowing both powers to continue their inevitable rivalry while reducing the risk of a kinetic conflict between them...
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Australia’s role in America’s war with China. Part 1

In the US plans for a war with China, Australia plays the role of a base for peripheral operations in the Indian Ocean and in the Indonesian straits...
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The Last 21 Years: 2013

Barack Obama’s (second) inauguration speech on 21st January 2013 contained this rather hopeful line: “A decade of war is now ending”...
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Pressure for a concert of powers in Asia

The continued growth of China's power raises a fundamental question: what next, especially in the longer term?
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British-Ukrainian military cooperation as a part of London’s Post-Brexit Strategy. Part 2

However, what were truly revolutionary and historic were the documents signed recently between London and Kiev. The Political, Free Trade and Strategic Partnership Agreement signed on 8th October 2020 in London during the official visit of the Ukrainian President to the UK...

British-Ukrainian military cooperation as a part of London’s Post-Brexit Strategy. Part 1

The United Kingdom is approaching the final stage of Brexit. London is thinking about the post-Brexit period of its history and is searching for a new post-Brexit grand strategy...
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Report from the “Twentieth War” S&F. Part 1

This is actually not a report yet, but rather an account of what we have already done and indeed where we are going...
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The Last 21 Years: Year (2)002

2001 had been amongst the most difficult years in America’s history and the world now waited to see how it would respond...
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Geostrategic Assessment of The Greco-Turkish Wars: Projection of the Future War. Part I

The dramatic relations between Greece and Turkey are rooted in history, religion, ideology and ultimately geopolitics. The Russian-Turkish Wars in the XVIII and XIX centuries tremendously weakened the Ottoman Empire...
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Multi Domain Battle

The goal of Americans in the coming years will be to maintain the ability to project power in all areas in which China and Russia - in the face of the current world system - are trying to push back against the interests of the US...

As oil prices fall, US-Saudi relations continue to sour

The US is planning to “fundamentally, not only reevaluate, but take actions that will start to undermine the long term relationship” with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA)...
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