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The New Regional Geopolitical Equilibrium in the Southern Caucasus

The Southern Caucasus is one of the most dangerous hotspots on the Eurasian continent. For centuries, the region has attracted regional and global players. Its small nations exist constantly under the pressure of three crucial Eurasian powers: Russia, Turkey and Iran...
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Poland’s Anchoring Strategy and the Case for a Rethink

In the 21st century, the balance of power in Eurasia is structurally different than it was in the last two hundred years, when the mental maps of our elites were taking shape...
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Geopolitical Drivers of China and Russia towards Taiwan and Crimea. Part 1

Taiwan and Crimea have many interesting similarities both in terms of their geopolitical and geostrategic importance and in terms of historic and cultural narratives for China and Russia. It seems that the leaders of both countries are committed to the idea of “collecting lost lands”...
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I have had the intention of writing these few sentences for some time, watching the debate around the rapidly changing international scene and the accompanying public debate in Poland and abroad. But let me start with a series of questions?
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