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The game for agency after Nord Stream

The case of NS2, New START, the Three Seas Initiative and Biden’s arrangements with Putin close the period of 30 years of geopolitical pause for Poland...
S&F Hero 3 months ago

Warsaw, its communication, fortifications and cursed latitudinal trail. Part 4

At the beginning of the 20th century, almost 260,000 Russian troops were stationed in the Polish theatre of war, including 216,000 in Congress Poland itself, of which 170,000 on the right bank of the Vistula...
S&F Hero 6 months ago

Jagiellonian Policy in the 21st Century

It is now 100 years since the signing of the peace treaty in Riga, which ended Poland’s war in the east with Soviet Russia and established relations in our part of the world for the following 20 years...
S&F Hero, Uncategorized 7 months ago

Nuclear strategy. Truman, NSC-68 and “Super”: Toward Massive Retaliation. Part II

On 29th August, almost exactly four years after the use of the weapon by the United States, the USSR conducted its first nuclear test, the RDS-1...
S&F Hero 11 months ago

Nuclear Strategy. Early years and the chaos of the first nuclear age. Part I

Before August 6, 1945, Bernard Brodie's future seemed more or less stable; the war in Europe was over; the war in the Pacific would end sooner or later, probably as a result of the long and bloody campaign on the Japanese islands...
S&F Hero, Uncategorized 12 months ago

The Coming Pacific War. Part 5. Criticism

The AirSea Battle Concept is an operational concept. It does not constitute a strategy and therefore does not cover all of the aspects of a confrontation, including the method by which a final victory will be achieved in a future war with China...
S&F Hero, Uncategorized 1 year ago
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