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Drone Guerilla Warfare in the Middle East: Part 5 of 5

In the near future nobody is going to establish international rules for the different types of UAVs. The proliferation of drone technologies and their decreasing prices on the global market are going to continue...
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Drone Guerilla Warfare in the Middle East: Part 3 of 5

Israel has responded to the activities of the militants in Lebanon and Palestine by developing a genuinely sophisticated system of UCAVs which encompass strategic, medium-size and tactical drones...
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Drone Guerilla Warfare in the Middle East: Part 2 of 5

It has become popular to refer to Turkey as the main drone “superpower” in the region, but it would be a grave mistake to think that in the Middle East only Israel and Turkey have developed sophisticated UAV industries...
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The Role of Egypt in the Russian Strategic Vision

Egypt in the Russian agenda plays the most important role for the Middle East and Africa, and the cooperation seems to be increasing in 2021...
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The Last 21 Years: Year (2)003

In Baghdad, the capital city, you will see street merchants selling exactly the same kind of pottery that their ancestors sold at the time of the Arabian Nights..
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