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Russian Mobilization in the Twenty-First Century

Since the publication of my guide calculating how many battalion tactical groups (BTGs) the Russian Armed Forces could generate against Poland, a couple critiques have been levelled at whether this is the best way to understand how Russia would fight Poland and/or NATO at large...
ANW, Background Check 5 months ago

Reflections on Art. 5 of the NATO Treaty. Poland between Russia and Germany in autumn 2021

Earlier this month, I participated in a debate at a fairly large event, which is the annual Warsaw Security Forum...
S&F Hero 7 months ago

Alliances and blocs in the era of great-power competition

Forming new alliances like AUKUS or the QUAD does not mean creating new blocs. “Inter-epoch” alliances, for the time in which we find ourselves, will be less formalised and more loosely structured...
S&F Hero 7 months ago

The Conceptual Trap of War as a Ballet

Enshrined in doctrine, operational phasing dominates U.S. and NATO thinking on operational art...
Background Check 8 months ago

Reforms and innovations in the Polish Armed Forces. Towards a New Model Forces. Part 1

In 2021, any thinking about reform or innovation in the Polish Armed Forces, or more broadly - in the immunity system of the entire Polish state...
S&F Hero 9 months ago
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