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A Polish perspective on the strategic choices facing America. Part 1

Any effective strategy (for a country in Poland’s position) requires an understanding of one’s own limitations, both related to the foundations of one’s own power and to the existing obligations of a superpower...
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Adapt or Die. Obsolescence, Offset Strategies and the Pacific

“We’re a maritime nation – we’ve grown by the sea and live by it; if we lose command of it we starve” – this is what the English used to say. The Americans still say it today. So it is no coincidence that the US Navy is the pride of the American armed forces - nor is it a coincidence that aircraft carriers are the pride of the US Navy, a symbol of its power and the United States.
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Australia’s role in America’s war with China. Part 1

In the US plans for a war with China, Australia plays the role of a base for peripheral operations in the Indian Ocean and in the Indonesian straits...
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On deglobalisation – December 2020

The theory of global free trade is fashionable now, just as it was before the First World War...
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The Crush Zone in December 2020

As I wrote earlier, we are worried on the Vistula River about American security guarantees under the new administration in Washington. But this is not everything...
S&F Hero 5 months ago
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