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Poland and the European Intermarium (Video)

Poland and the European Intermarium, by Jacek Bartosiak, Autumn 2020
Audio & Video, S&F Hero 1 year ago

US grand strategy towards China and Eurasia (Podcast)

Jacek Bartosiak is talking to Jakub Grygiel on the current US grand strategy towards China and greater Eurasia.

Raczki Crossing in Suwalki Gap, NATO Eastern Flank, Military Analysis (Video)

Jacek Bartosiak explains the importance of the town of Raczki and the river crossing on the way to the Suwalki Gap at NATO Eastern Flank...

Ian Brzeziński on the US-China rivalry, NATO and Poland

In his conversation with S&F founder and CEO Jacek Bartosiak, Ian Brzeziński weighs in on the China – US rivalry and...

“Geopolitics has never been obsolete” – Shafqat Ali Khan at Strategy&Future

Albert Świdzinski converses with Mr. Shafqat Ali Khan, Ambassador of Pakistan to Poland, on geopolitics, Poland, Pakistan, future of Eurasia and...

Prof. Hugh White on the US-China rivalry and Australia’s tough choices

Professor Hugh White speaks with S&F’s Albert Świdziński on the future of international order in Eastern Asia, dilemmas and hard choices awaiting Australia, and...


Is China a Threat to the Liberal International Order?

NATO Eastern Front

O wojnie, siłach zbrojnych i projekcji siły wojskowej.
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