Jacek Bartosiak – Heading for Outer Space. Case of Astropolitics in the Era of Great Power Competition

„Control of outer space means control of the world.”


Lyndon B. Johnson, January 1959, at a meeting of the United States Senate Armed Forces Committee, of when he was vice president


The universe is an ocean, the moon is the Diaoyu (Senkaku) Islands, Mars is Huangyan Island (Scarborough Shoal). If we don’t go there now even though we’re capable of doing so, then we will be blamed by our descendants. If others go there, then they will take over, and you won’t be able to go even if you want to. This is reason enough.

– Ye Peijian, head of the Chinese moon flight program

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Autor Jacek Bartosiak
CEO and Founder of Strategy&Future, author of bestselling books.
Data 15/05/2020
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