We have devoted much of the past decade to recreating and further developing the field of geopolitical thought in Poland, providing the world with a better understanding of Poland and CEE, and providing Poland with a better understanding of the world.

S&F will take this a step further. We aspire to make S&F the premier source and centre of geostrategic thought in Poland – and Europe.

Jacek Bartosiak, CEO and Founder

Our core mission is to explain unfolding events and trends that impact the lives of people and shape the destinies of nations around the world.

We also aim to help develop innovative, resource-informed concepts, galvanise public debate, and spur action – should such a need arise. Focused on the future, reporting daily on the present and drawing abundantly from the lessons of the past, we offer to dive into the very essence of knowledge on world affairs, as seen through the lenses of geopolitics and geostrategy.

We want to share with our subscribers the European and especially the Central & Eastern European perspective on world affairs, permanently influenced by the fluid balance of power in Eurasia and elsewhere, in an increasingly volatile and fragile security environment. In these uncertain times, gaining an understanding of what makes this pivotal region tick must be considered a priority not just for the CEE nations themselves, but also for policymakers, journalists, academics and other stakeholders globally.

Warsaw at night (photo: Piotr Dudek)

We believe that Central and Eastern Europe as a region painfully lacks a coherent, well-structured and thought out intellectual framework that could help its constituent nations better navigate through the currents of history, which unfortunately it has come to know so well. For centuries, this part of Europe has been a playground for great power competition, witnessing devastating wars, excessive turmoil and revolutions. Just as importantly, in times of stability and power consolidation, it has also tended to foster its own strategic culture. We therefore also aim to remind the world, and ourselves alike of the stories and people of the past – too often key geopolitical insights have been lost. They will be lost no more. Too often the memories of the people who lived, fought and died have been forgotten. Many of those men and women have also left an intellectual legacy and created models that taken together amount to an endless source of exquisite geopolitical thought that can help us all better understand the space in which we live. This is why we are doing this.

Be a part of this journey.

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