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Jarosław Kaczyński on war

It is very puzzling, the calmness with which public opinion received the statements of the most important politician in the country on the real possibility of a war with Russia (and Belarus)...
ANW, Background Check 7 months ago

On the phenomenon of senility. Or a further story of the New Model Forces. Part 2 (a fragment from “Wojna w kosmosie. Przewrót w geopolityce”)

Ultimately, the phenomenon of senility enhances geopolitical change by giving advantage to one side and taking it away from others....
ANW, S&F Hero 7 months ago

Prime Minister’s speech at Piłsudski Square in Warsaw, 11th November 2021. On Poland’s New Model Forces

Warsaw, 11th November 2021, Independence Day, 12:00 p.m., the long-announced speech of Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki in the presence of Jarosław Kaczyński...
Przemówienia 8 months ago
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