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The Last 21 Years: Year (2)018

10 years after the Beijing Olympics had showcased the awakening of Napoleon’s “sleeping giant”, 2018 was the year that America signalled - finally (?) - that it would now be taking a much tougher approach...
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A perfect storm over Taiwan

In February, at a panel organized by the National University of Singapore, former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd expressed his conviction that the next decade of Sino-American relations will be marked by "living on the edge." Rudd's idée fixe is that China and the United States develop "barriers", allowing both powers to continue their inevitable rivalry while reducing the risk of a kinetic conflict between them...
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Pressure for a concert of powers in Asia

The continued growth of China's power raises a fundamental question: what next, especially in the longer term?
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The Last 21 Years: (2)010

On 4th January 2010, the Burj Khalifa opened in Dubai. At 828 metres, it was the world’s tallest building...
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Jacek Bartosiak talks to Parag Khanna on the future of the world (Podcast)

Jacek Bartosiak talks to Parag Khanna on the future of the world, patterns of globalization, and...
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Beyond the Post-Cold War Era

Between 1989 and 1991, the strategic map of Eurasia altered dramatically as broad swathes of territory reopened to international markets after a long period of enclosure behind communist walls...
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