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The Conceptual Trap of War as a Ballet

Enshrined in doctrine, operational phasing dominates U.S. and NATO thinking on operational art...
Background Check 1 month ago

The game for agency after Nord Stream

The case of NS2, New START, the Three Seas Initiative and Biden’s arrangements with Putin close the period of 30 years of geopolitical pause for Poland...
S&F Hero 3 months ago


I have had the intention of writing these few sentences for some time, watching the debate around the rapidly changing international scene and the accompanying public debate in Poland and abroad. But let me start with a series of questions?
Background Check 7 months ago

Report from the “Twentieth War” S&F. Part 1

This is actually not a report yet, but rather an account of what we have already done and indeed where we are going...
Background Check, S&F Hero 10 months ago
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