S&F Hero: America in Eurasia. Part 3

While the post-Cold War golden time has come to an end, it must be remembered that the implementation of Washington’s goals was explicitly laid out in what can be seen as a kind of Magna Carta for the grand strategy of the US after the Cold War – the 1992 Defense Planning Guidance. These are: obtaining an undisputed military advantage over rivals, maintaining a system of efficient alliances in key places of the globe, expanding the liberal order and global trade (which for over 20 years was an undeniable success of the American state and its elites – despite undoubted individual failures such as the war in Afghanistan, which has been going on without lasting success since 2001).

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Autor Jacek Bartosiak
CEO and Founder of Strategy&Future, author of bestselling books.
Data 04/02/2020
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