Dear Reader,

in the very first article we have published I presented you with our mission statement. Back then I wrote the following words:

“Strategy&Future aspires to be the premier European geopolitical centre for understanding international competition and for exploring the strategies and military concepts pursued by international actors in the 21st century. Focused on the future, reporting daily on the present and drawing abundantly from the lessons of the past, we offer to dive into the very essence of knowledge on world affairs, as seen through the lenses of geopolitics and geostrategy.”

I hope that by the time you read these words you were able to verify whether we have delivered on what we promised in our mission statement – both in terms of the quality of our work, and the content found at Strategy&Future.


Back in July, when I wrote the article meant to introduce the idea behind Strategy&Future I also noted, that  “money always comes in one way or another with strings attached, unless it is provided those who are willing to pay for a product that is worth its price”. In other words, we have always thought that sooner rather than later S&F would become a paid service.


Now this time has come. I have no hesitation in making this decision, as I continue to believe that this financing model – based upon a simple and fair arrangement – in which a theoretically unlimited number of customers can purchase our product, is the most appropriate formula for the kind of work we do. This is because it frees us from partisanship that would inevitably compromise and constrain our mission, and allows us to fully focus on our work.


The goal I set out for Strategy&Future remains the same – to provide quality insights and an essence of knowledge for our readers in Poland and worldwide. I have no doubt that our work and efforts will be subject to your assessment, praise and criticism – and this is as it should be; your commentary will help us move forward, and serve as a verification of our work.


Thank you,

Jacek Bartosiak with the Strategy&Future team.

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Autor Jacek Bartosiak
CEO and Founder of Strategy&Future, author of bestselling books.
Data 02/12/2019
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