The latest arrangement of the AUKUS Alliance – a risky situation for Australia, unless…

Australia has entered into an alliance with the US and UK called AUKUS, which we at S&F refer to as the alliance of the nations of the World Ocean, aimed at preventing the consolidation of the Eurasian landmass under the sceptre of China. Australia concluded this alliance despite the obvious risk of its geopolitical location — as an unsinkable “guardian” of China’s oceanic communication route to Africa, Europe and the Middle East, just behind the “moat” of the Indonesian straits and the protruding Anglo-Saxon border in the southern hemisphere, remaining in communication through the South Pacific with US bases in the Carolinas, Guam and Hawaii. The risk for Australia is high: its position has changed from comfortable — when Europe was the source of wars, to quite difficult, when China has become the factory of the world in the era of globalisation, and the American hegemon of the ocean is letting the world know that China’s road to hegemony does not find the slightest approval in Washington.

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